Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Advice to Assisting at London Fashion Week & My Experience SS15

A dream come true finally .... I had the amazing experience of assisting one of my favourite Makeup Artists Lan Nguyen who I have been following for the past 4 years.  I applied a couple of times but turned out my work didn't have that much of a variety to be considered and after constantly testing and improving my portfolio I got the calling to assist Lan :) 

So I assisted in September 2014 for SS15, I assisted as part of the Portugal Showcase Show with celebrity makeup artist Jo Sugar and then the Ming Pin Tien SS15 Show with Lan Nguyen .  

I met Makeup Artists from everyone including Europe and it was nice to talk to others in the business and how they were getting on - This discussion of course was during Lunch which I enjoyed walking through London 


The experience was a bit on an eye opener very hectic, rushed like your in surgery, the trick is being very quick and know whats going on around you, their is plenty of people assisting and they will all try and get to the model before you so make sure for those of you who are keen to get as much experience as you can DO ... Your their to assist and to experience NOT to make friends or network 

Don't be late I would arrive at least 2 hours earlier near to where you are meant to be as London traffic is busy and the last thing you want is to get lost ... the KEY MAKEUP ARTIST does not want to hear why your late ... if your late then your OUT

If your adding your Fashion Week experience to your CV that you have assisted BE HONEST .... This is a big industry but everyone knows everyone and you will be watched by those who are at the show ... DO NOT BULLSHIT that you created any looks YOU are only their to ASSIST and this is what should be said on your CV.... Many people who are talented have been caught out by LYING and therefore don't get a second chance to assist 

AND last of all Enjoy it and make the most of it.... I have a few pictures of my experience ...

Freemasons Hall - On my Lunch 

Security checking people in 

Paparazzi -Made In Chelsea making their exit 

Hallway to the Makeup Room 

Backstage Freemasons Hall 

My station set up with Body Shop Makeup & notepad at the ready

Night before - Packing for the big day including notebook, mints, backstage maps etc 

Key Makeup Lan demo for the Ming Pin Tien Show 

Portugal Showcase SS15 - Jo Sugar 

Light Camera Action 

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Take a walk in England: Golden Acre Park

I love afternoons and weekends taking walks and exploring greenery, one great thing about England is that their is so much of it and such a benefit to anyone... A walk and a bit of exploring taking pictures having ice cream with loved ones is something one needs to do every once in a while.

I went to Golden Acre Park which is in Yorkshire part of North Leeds, its full of wonderful gardens, woodlands, ponds,  a popular tea room and a circular lakeside walk & a gift shop

I took some pictures hope you enjoy 

Golden Acre Lakeside view 
Ducks saying hello :)

Need direction .....

Tunnel ahead ... love this little bridge it echoes as you talk 

Water, Trees just love nature 

Flower gardens education anyone ?

Smells so fresh and gorgeous ...

Cafe ahead 

Little steps ahead ...

Tall Trees.. so Green 

Footpath to exploring :) 

Goden Acre Park behind the farm 

Cute Sheeps 

Bridge Over Water 

Lake peeping through 

That view 

Bridge ahead over lake 

Feedhing hut ahead

Rocks & Water ... Great to have a read in this view 

Duck feeding for little families and bird lovers 

Great for looking over the view 

Great shot of the lake

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

York Designer Makeup Outlet Haul - The Cosmetics Store

Who doesn't like Makeup at discounted prices especially from the Estee Lauder range.  I visited the Cosmetics Store in York, so if your around Yorkshire that is the best place to head for some Makeup.

They have various brands including Origins, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Clinique and a lot more.  I would say their is between 20% to 40% discount on the brands.... Wooohooooo 

I purchased a few products which I added to my kit and absolutely love :) 

I also bought 5 single MAC Eyeshadows, however forgot to take a picture, you can find it  on my Instagram though 

Haul - Lips & Eyeliners

Smashbox lip glosses in Fame and 35MM - These are long lasting and work alone or on top of lipsticks.  I'm not that keen on the scents, they have small shimmery particles which is great for a wedding or proms 

Bobbi Brown - Cocoa 
My first Bobbi Brown lipstick in Cocoa, I didn't even swatch this and instantly liked it it reminded me of a 90s look so would look great if your going for that look or if your wanting matte lips ...
Bobbi Brown Cocoa in natural daylight 
Swatch of Cocoa 

MAC Prunella - Soft Purple Brown tone

MAC Cosmetics  Prunella I have seen this used in so many of Pixiwoo tutorials including this one Nicole Scherzinger Makeup Tutorial -Pixiwoo which is one of my faves.  So I had to buy this the minute I saw it it has a soft purple brown tone and looks amazing used alone or under eye shadows 

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