Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup Collection & Storage - Lipsticks & Brushes - YT Video

Hi Guys, 

So I'm back with my Lipstick & Makeup Brushes storage, as I'm a Makeup Artist I thought I would show you my Makeup Collection.. I have already uploaded my Face Products  & Eyes Storage which you can see clicking the links below 

Now its time to see what brushes I use, what lipsticks I use and a lot more.  Stay tuned for more YT videos ..


Monday, 15 September 2014

Illamasqua Haul & Swatches & Demo -Lovin It

So I'm currently adding some love to my Makeup Kit its one busy period and will be getting busier now that Christmas & more shoots in the pipeline.  Also what better way to get rid of that Monday feeling but to pop into my local Illasmasqua Store in Leeds (Victoria Quarters)

Illamasqua Store in Leeds (Victoria Quarters)

Overall Illamasqua makeup purchased looooove it .... need more !!!

Foundation, Skincare, Eyes, Base, Contour, Highlighter, Brows & More...

So I wanted to try out the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation & add it into my kit.  I purchased 3 shades, so I could match or mix when using on clients & models.  I needed a pale colour equivalent to MAC NC15, and was recommended 4.5, then 6.5  which was similar to MAC NC25 & finally 10 which was slightly darker going on to MAC 35.  I was surprised at how little I needed and how far it went :)

(L-R Shades)  Swatches  4.5, 6.5, 10
Illmasqua Skin Base Foundations 

My client wearing shade 4.5 Skin Base, Brow Gel & the Hydra Veil and she looked flawless- Makeup By Zaira Cantara 

Precision Brow Gel in Strike which is fairly new, I love the fact this is long-wearing & water-resistant, can be applied with an angle brush, It seriously stays put and when used correctly can make your brows look perfect

OMG next is the Cream Pigment in Hollow - Wow does this product give you one of the best contoured yet natural looks (if used right) It has a grey under tone which is perfect as it creates a natural shadow I applied this with my Zoeva Contour brush and i was amazed at how little i put on yet the effect it gave I was pouting all day literally . Perfect for really pale skin to olive & tanned skin.  A staple for my kit now & forever 

(L-R) Precision Brow Gel in Strike & Cream Pigment Hollow 
Swatch of Brow Gel Strike - Long wearing & pigmented 
Hollow Swatch (the camera light has washed it out) but trust me its amazing 
Next I needed a really Black Gel Liner, (currently using Maybelline which I do love too) so I bought the Gel Liner in Infinity- Again it says what it is, Its the darkest Black gel liner I have used & also is extremely creamy and very rich I love using this with a pointed liner brush and Im going to try using it as a base for a dramatic editorial look I have planned. I would only say on me it did crease and transfer to lid after several house in this hot weather 

Inifinity - Gel Liner - Creamy & Rich Black 10/10
I had to buy the Hyrda Veil after learning it was great as a base- the Illamasqua Counter Assistant explained to me it basically balances out the skin and works amazingly with the Skin Base Foundations. . I knew this anyway after seeing some great reviews from leading Makeup Artists, so wasn't just relying on 1 persons advice. Great for Dry - Combinations & slightly Oily skin tones. Its great for hydrating your skin, gives a radiant finish & also works as a primer.  I like the fact its Gel and has a little spatula I do feel like a scientist doing some weird experiment when I'm using this on clients ... 

Hydra Veil - Illamasqua - Great for balancing out the skin before applying foundation 

Illamasqua Sculpted highlighter & contour

Illamasqua powder highlighter

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hot Lips & Colour Clash Shoot - Makeup Zaira Cantara

Hi People.... So last month I did a shoot with beauty Model Saskia Kane, and amazing photographer Amrits Vision.  The theme for the shoot was all about Strong Lips and colour clashing with Styling and Jewellery.

We went for bright bold lips,  Hand 'Panja' and tribal themed necklaces and of course not to forget the cool Green shades used all bought from New Look Jewellery .  I loved that the styling with the shades reminded me of a really strong look as thought Saskia was on a stroll in Milan City or somewhere in a busy City.  Amrit is always on spot when achieveing this images the adrenaline and passion can be seen through his work every single time I work with him 

Saskia had the most beautiful natural clear skin topped with a hint of a golden tan very sun kissed this of course made the look I wanted more achievable. I needed that natural clear skin and of course with lots of colour it went perfectly well.  

This is how I achieved Saskia Kane Looks ( More pictures on my Website link below ):


Mac Face & Body Foundation  - Applied this lightly with my foundation brush and mixed in Body Shop Radiant Highlighter then went over to highlight and conceal with  Clinique Airbrush Concealer I then powdered with Sleek Suede Effect Powder before applying my favourite blusher from Avon Pink Blusher

Eyes :

I applied Mac Brule Eyeshadow over Mac Painterley Pot  to give the eyes an even base and colour, I then used Maybelline Gel Liner with my Mac Liner Brush to give a strong liner look.  For the Bold Colour Clashing look I used Bourjois Green 
all over right up to the brow bone and softly blended I didn't want to blend too much as I wanted a hard edge left look and finished at the bottom using bright colours from the Urban Decay Vice Palette


For the 1st look I used Kate Moss No 22 Long Lasting Lipstick I went for strong bright lips to go with the Green Shades from New Look which I also bought the Hand Chain & Necklace from - I love New Look they have amazing stuff all the time - I then for the 2nd Look used Bourjois Velvet Ping Pong to leave a Matte effect on the lips but again also bright which went with Saskia skin & eyes. For the Final look I also used  Maybelline Colour Sensational - Coral  to create that 2 tone look - I have had so much great feedback on this look which Im very proud of something different in my work .

For more of my work and the rest of the pictures from the shoot visit

Also my great photographer friend Amrits Vision has a variety of looks on his pages and is currently taking many fashion & wedding bookings in thick & fast. Pay a visit you won't be disappointed 

Exotic Pink Velvet Lips - My Favourite from the shoot 

Highlighted Skin, Red Lips, Sun Kissed 

Be Bold, Be Proud, Colour Clashing :)
Green Shades finishing off the styling- Bronzed & Soft Contour - Cool & Chic

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Makeup Collection & Storage - Eyes Products - YT Video

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So I'm back with my Eyes Storage as promised as I'm a Makeup Artist I thought I would show you my Makeup Collection.. I have already uploaded my Face Products which you can see here Makeup Collection & Storage - Face Products  .  This covers all Skincare, Base, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blusher ,Contour & More...

Don't be shy and check out my Eyes Collection on the Video below or click this link Makeup Collection & Storage - Eyes which features Eyeshadow Palettes, Glitter, Brows, Eyeliners, Mascaras, Paint pots,   Eyelashes & more... 

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Top 7 Makeup Products - Makeup Kit at the moment

Hi Guys...

So the last few months Ive had Weddings, Proms, Party Makeup & Special Occasion Makeup.  Packing my Makeup kit I always put a variety of products in to make sure I have something for each client. For E.g different shades of Pink Blush or moisturises for various skin types.

I thought I would list my 7 top products at the moment many of my clients are wearing and what I love working with at the moment.

Read on for some great tips and whats in at the moment - Links to Products below :

My Faves below :

Urban Decay Naked 3:
This palette I cannot get enough of it goes with every skin tone, and looks, proms, weddings, parties, night outs, natural or heavy- I love the Rose Gold Tones and the Red Browns.
Tip: Can be used with primer or without as payoff is great

Avon Brow Pencil: Another staple in the kit, this pencil is from Avon Cosmetics, its as cheap as £3 and comes in 3 colours, great for shaping and gives a really natural finish. 
Tip: Brush out with a eye comb brush  to make sure brows are even and your done .

Revlon Black Cherry: This colour has been so popular in my kit even in this hot weather, must say i did get shocked a few times when clients would request it with a dark eye on a special occasion. Its by Revlon so is affordable has a Cherry coloured pay off (hmmm so thats where the name comes from) Its overall a Winter colour which is coming up :) and its pigment is amazing
Tip: Dab on slightly for a tint effect so it doesn't look too dark

Maybelline On/Off Bronze Colour Tattoo - I love this product to wear either on its own or under eyeshadow.  I usually apply it as a primer and to increase pigment under an eyeshadow too. The Bronze is so natural and a fave for wedding & party season as it so versatile to what colours you can get from it. Its by Maybelline so again another drugstore product which is affordable
Tip - When applied with your finger the pigment Shows up stronger, apply with one finger and blend with a clean finger, the eyes then looks amazing and blended

Benefit Pore-fessional - I was introduced to this last year when I attended Lan Nguyen Masterclass- She uses this to give more of a Matte finish and of course help soften the pores. I see this a some magic potion because the minute you put it on the skin you see the difference and feel it theres no waiting. Skin feels soft and pores are all blocked out.  I like to use this on clients that have oily skin too
Tip: Apply anywhere you have pores or all around with your fingers or a foundation brush 

Mac Face & Body Foundation _ I live by this foundation I have it in 6 different colours from very pale (Pro White to N9) to the deepest shade.  I like to work this in mainly with a buffing brush starting on the cheeks.  It is buildable and some clients who probably don't wear a lot or any makeup they fall in love with this foundation. Ive never had a client who has complained about this foundation and so have a lot of faith in using this in every job whether it be weddings or fashion shoots.
Tip: You can apply with your fingers if you want a lighter coverage, also it is a dewy foundation so you will have that glow, to matte it out just apply some powder.

Chanel Soliel Tan  De Chanel - A Gel Bronzer I dont have any bronzers like this in my kit so its my very treasured posession. Again much loved by clients, this is a bronzer that gives that celebrity sun kissed glow as though you have just come back from St Tropez (thats what I like to pretend to myself) Its Chanel so it already catches your eye then the packaging does as it comes in a little tub a glossy Black top with logo Chanel on.  Im always asked how much and where from? when using this. I will be repurchasing when its out as you can tell I still have a lot left and Ive had it for nearly 2 years so it does last long
Tip: I wouldn't recommend this for people who are extremely fair it can look orange its more for tanned or olive toned skin, can be used on deeper skin tone maybe as a soft glow.. Give its try..:)

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Makeup Collection & Storage - Face Products - YT Video

Hi Guys, 

So as I'm a Makeup Artist I thought I would show you my Makeup Collection.. Starting out with Face Products. This covers all Skincare, Base, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blusher ,Contour & More...

Don't by shy and check it out on Makeup Storage & Collection - Face Products

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kylie Jenner Day Time Makeup Inspiration - Makeup by Zaira Cantara

I am lucky that my freelancing Makeup business is really taking off... I love clients who ask me to make them look like or have makeup like a certain celebrity that they admire. I find it a challenge and exciting plus its tests me in how I interpret the look 'Zaira Cantara style' Ha :)

Anyway recently I had a lovely client Kate who was going to her Graduation party this was a daytime event leading to a night time meal etc.  My client said she loved how Kylie Jenner wore her makeup and that she was keen on using natural tones like her.  When Kate mentioned this I always took her skin tone, eye colour, hair colour etc into mind and then work on what would go with her.  What looks good on Jennifer Lopez may not look as good as someone such as Emma Stone, you have to adjust and work it to each clientele 

For Kate I decided to do a toned down Kylie Jenner look this was ideal as it was a daytime event and I wanted her to look fresh and right for the occasion.. Below is a little tutorial on how I achieved the look (links below) :


Mac Face & Body Foundation (Base)
MAC Studion Finish Concealer (Under eyes)
Loreal 'Rosewood' Blusher (Upwards motion)
Jemma Kidd Highlighter - Iced Gold (Cheeks)


Urban Decay Vice Palette - Anonymous (All over eye)
MAC Wedge (In Crease)
MAC Embark - (Smudged on top lashes)
Mac Teddy Pencil -  (Smudged on top lashes & water line)


No7 Nude Lip Liner
MAC Amplified Half & Half Lipstick
Mac Satin Myth Lipstick 

My Makeup on Kate -

Kylie Jenner Inspiration 

Have a go.... Who's makeup are you into at the moment ?

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